Have you ever had a doctor who never rushes you? A doctor who says ‘so what else is going on?’

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Have you ever had a doctor who never rushes you? A doctor who says ‘so what else is going on?

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Welcome to Fredericksburg Primary Care, P.C.!

Fredericksburg Primary Care, P.C. has been owned and operated by Dr. Joseph Ferguson since 2004. We see no more than two patients per hour so that each patient has enough time to have their issues addressed. We are located in historic Downtown Fredericksburg, only a couple of blocks from Carl’s Frozen Custard!

If you are interested in learning more about naltrexone implant therapy,

please visit our sister site newfreedomclinics.com

Naltrexone Implants for Enhanced Recovery from Opiate Addiction

We at Fredericksburg Primary Care, PC, are now placing naltrexone implants which are a vital and incredibly powerful tool for those who are truly ready to break free of the shackles of opiate addiction. The implant is placed under the skin of the lower abdomen in a minimally invasive procedure using a tiny incision. The implant is replaced every 2 months. It is best if the implant is replaced every 2 months for as long as possible, preferably a year or many years. While the implant is in place, it is almost impossible for the one with the implant to have any effect from opiates like heroin and oxycodone. Also, there is strong evidence showing that long-acting naltrexone greatly reduces cravings for opiates. The cost of the implant is $580. Since the implant lasts two months the cost per month is $290. The implant is made by a specialty compounding pharmacy. Naltrexone has been approved by the FDA, but the FDA does not specifically evaluate the compounded products of compounding pharmacies. Therefore, the naltrexone implant has not been specifically evaluated by the FDA and is not specifically FDA-approved. Because of the lack of specific FDA approval, there is no insurance company that will pay for any portion of the placement of a naltrexone implant. It should be abundantly clear that the naltrexone implant is not a replacement for rehab, counseling and support groups. Long-acting naltrexone is an amazing add-on to that kind of support, but no one should try to recover from opiate addiction with long-acting naltrexone alone. All recovering addicts need guidance and social support.

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